Maximizing Value Through Value Betting

When you have a good hand, possibly a winning hand, you want to get as much money as possible from the other players on the poker table. You call it maximizing the value of your hand when you squeeze out more money from your opponents.

The way you rake in more is how you play your hand so your opponents will put more money into the pot. You gain value with your hand when other players bet.

To get more money out of their stacks, you need to bet yourself and re-raise which a lot of players fail to execute properly

One big mistake that you may commit when you have a good hand is just to check or call when it is your turn. This attitude will not get you more money into the pot. It is counter productive to slow down the play by calling or checking.

What will you when you a pair 7 and on the flop you get A-10-7. You now have a set. What do you do after an opponent bets and it’s your turn? Will you call? If you answered yes then you are missing a big opportunity to win some chips. Don’t throw the chance away and raise!  Don’t wait for the turn when things can go better for their hand.

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