Texas Holdem Etiquette

When you play Texas Holdem poker in a real casino or in online poker room you are playing against real people and it means that you have to be familiar with the Texas Holdem etiquette. Showing good manners when you play Texas Holdem poker is as important as knowing how to play and it will help you to be well-balanced during the game. In this way you will be self-controlled and you will have a great time while playing this entertaining poker game. 

1) Texas Holdem etiquette in a land-based casino:

* When you play Texas Holdem in a casino, do not engage the dealer at your table in conversation. If you are dealt a poor hand, do not throw your cards and do not show your displeasure with the dealer.
* Remember that in the casino you have the right to smoke only in smoking areas. Always be kind with every Texas Holdem player at the table and if you are only a spectator, give up your seat to a player who wants to join the game.
* While playing Texas Holdem poker, do not take any action until it is your turn and do not reveal your cards even if you have already decided to fold. Remember that you are still in the hand even after folding. If you are not in the game or you have already folded, do not talk about the hands of your opponents and your own hand.
* Never show your cards until the showdown and before placing bets on the next hand, wait until all the winning bets are paid.
* Do not throw your chips, put them close enough to the dealer, so it will be easer to him to rake them.

2) Texas Holdem etiquette in an online poker room:

* If you want to play online Texas Holdem poker and there is not a seat available for you, you should wait without disturbing the other players. After joining a table, be polite and patient with all your opponents.
* Never discuss your hand while playing and act only if it is your turn. Even if you want to fold your hand, you must wait for your turn to come.
* It is a very bad behaviour to leave the table when it is your turn to pay your blind. When you join a game, play it to the end.

Following these simple etiquette rules you will spend a great time whenever you play Texas Holdem poker.

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