Bet Based On Size Of your Stack

In every game, you should remember that you should not only know yourself but also know your opponent. In a round of Texas Hold’em, you should be aware of your stack size and the size of the stack of the other players.

Take note that at any moment during a game, there is a chance that you may need to put all of your chips at risk.

How much your chips is and how much are your opponents will somehow dictate how the game will be played. The effect of the poker stack size on the game is not only mathematical but also psychological.

So how do you know the size of the poker stack?

The size of the stack is in relation to the blinds during a game. A $2000 stack may sound big but it will be very small if you have blinds of $100-$200. Here’s a glimpse of how a stack is gauged:

  • Deep – when you have 199 big blind or higher
  • Big – 96 BB or more
  • Medium – 36 to 95 BB
  • Small – 35 BB or less

Let’s say you have as short stack, then it will be more difficult for you to be creative with your plays and bluffs because you don’t have to enough chips to intimidate your opponents.

More chips mean the more advanced moves you can make. You have more chips to risk and play with so you can manipulate the other players on the table. This is often why its not in the best players interested to raise the stakes, but it is always in a better players advantage to raise the stack sizing.

Remember, the bigger your stack, the least likely your opponent will play his marginal hand especially when you do some aggressive betting.

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