Rock Style Poker (Tight Player)

Are you a rock? In other words a very tight-passive player? If so you need to change your style. Your problem is not that you play such a tight-passive style, but that many people know it. You are too predictable, a fatal error. You have to change your approach.

Your style is so obvious that even fairly weak players perceive that they can bluff you. In fact, you will be the target of more bluffs and steals than anyone else. You really do not want people to try to bluff you especially those who virtually never bluff, because some of their attempts will succeed and you are encouraging them to play better.

This style of play would bore most people, and it may bore you, but the boredom is probably not that great. You do not seriously expect to win much, and you like a slow pace and steady wins with infrequent, small losses. Besides, like many patient people, you probably do not bore easily.

Your pattern of strengths and weaknesses works only in certain games. If you pick the right games, you will win a little. If you pick the wrong games, you will lose. Here are your major strengths.

Poker rewards patience above all, and you have lots of it. You can sit there all day, just folding hand after hand. You will be especially successful in the lowest limit stud games (such as $1-$5) because there is no ante or a tiny one, and the bring-in is trivial.

You will succeed in almost all low-limit games because so many people play so loosely. They will stay in with almost anything and chase you when you clearly have them beat. They also tend to be oblivious. Some of them will not even recognize your style, and lots of them will not adjust to it. They will give you much more action than you deserve.

Many rocks play primarily to pass the time and to supplement pensions or other small, fixed incomes. This style satisfies both needs very, very well. It gives you something to do and produces a steady stream of small wins with infrequent losses. This is pretty much the opposite of people who play roulette online.

Here are your major weaknesses.

A complete rock is going to lose against fairly skilled players, but he probably will not lose much. You do not get enough value from your winners, are very vulnerable to bluffs, and do not steal enough (or perhaps any) pots. You also give too many free cards and some of them will beat you and you fold to thin value raises.

You may be frustrated when you get no action on your good hands, and it will happen frequently. Lots of rocks complain: I’ve had garbage all day. I finally get trip aces, and nobody stays!

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