Best Video Slots

The best. In the case of choosing the best Video Slots, it seems like a pretty arbitrary choice. Because the best in this case is not so much based on quality, but on people’s preferences regarding the best Video Slots. So when someone thinks a certain Video Slot is the best, you can already say that he or she has a strong preference for it and would like to play it. Nevertheless, we have drawn up a number of requirements that you can apply to the Video Slots, to see whether they at least meet a certain basic quality.

The first requirement: the software must be good

The first requirement we place on online Video Slots is that the software must be of a high standard. The software forms the basis of the Video Slot and with it the quality of the Video Slot. The better a Video Slot can make use of the software, the better the playing experience for people like you and me. The good news is that the three main software suppliers (Netent, Playtech and Microgaming) also pay a lot of attention to the quality of the software. This means you are rammed and you always have access to very good Video Slots.

The second requirement: there must be enough chances of winning

Winning by playing an online Video Slot cannot be overemphasized as this is the most important part of playing an online Video Slot. But how do you determine whether the Video Slot meets these requirements? Firstly, you can look at the Paytable, which contains a clear overview of all the options available on the relevant cabinet. Another option is that you look at the distinction that a casino makes. Are you more interested in a bonus slot? Then you should take a good look at the different bonus Slots available in that casino. As long as there are enough winning opportunities available on a Video Slot, the quality is probably quite high.

The third requirement: the payout rules must be clearly displayed by the casino

Of course the casino has to earn something from you. Because you play, the casino can write off a percentage of your bet as turnover. This is the so-called house win. There’s nothing wrong with this. What is important, however, and also a reason to avoid a provider of online Video Slots, is that it must be clear what percentage of the bet is for the house. In other words: what is the percentage of the bet that is ultimately paid out? Is it below 90%? Then you must leave.

The fourth requirement: the Video Slot must be graphically beautiful

The modern software that powers the various Video Slots is usually of a high standard. That means, by using this software, you have to keep in mind that the games that are offered must also be of such a high standard. A graphically not beautiful Video Slot does not use everything that the internet has to offer and will therefore ensure that you are not playing the best Video Slot. Below are two Slots that we believe meet all the requirements: have fun and play for free!

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